tevent  0.9.31
tevent Documentation

Tevent is an event system based on the talloc memory management library. It is the core event system used in Samba.

The low level tevent has support for many event types, including timers, signals, and the classic file descriptor events.

Tevent also provide helpers to deal with asynchronous code providing the tevent_req (tevent request) functions.


You should start by reading The Tutorial, then reading the documentation of the interesting functions as you go.


You can download the latest releases of tevent from the tevent directory on the samba public source archive.

Discussion and bug reports

tevent does not currently have its own mailing list or bug tracking system. For now, please use the samba-technical mailing list, and the Samba bugzilla bug tracking system.


You can download the latest code either via git or rsync.

To fetch via git see the following guide:

Using Git for Samba Development

Once you have cloned the tree switch to the master branch and cd into the lib/tevent directory.

To fetch via rsync use this command:

rsync -Pavz samba.org::ftp/unpacked/standalone_projects/lib/tevent .